Showmax, which recently surpassed Netflix to be the leading streamer in Africa, kicked off to the general public in 2015.

The video-on-demand service is now the most subscribed streaming platform in the continent with 2.1 million subscribers, marking up a 38.7% market share against Netflix’s 33.5%, thanks to original documentaries and feature films and strategic partnerships with the world’s most successful TV networks HBO, NBCUniversal, Sky, and Comcast.

“In the last few years, Showmax has over-indexed on local content, and they are clearly seeing the long-term impact of that strategy,” film industry investor and tech entrepreneur Jason Nkoju told Rest of World. “It’s a volume game that the global streaming companies don’t fully seem to comprehend. I guess they will understand that now. The mass market prefers [its] own content.”

Showmax subscription options 2024

Today, Showmax is available in 44 countries, and Kenya is among them: subscribers here can access and pay for Showmax’s three main subscription plans and two other mini bundles for watching the Premier League, one on mobile devices and the other, Showmax Entertainment + Premier League, supporting all devices like set-top boxes and streaming devices like Android TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

Showmax prices in Kenya start at Ksh300 for its basic package, Showmax Entertainment Mobile, showing movies and series ad-free on smaller resolutions of between 144-1080p, hence data saving.

Other Showmax packages are the Showmax Premier League, Showmax Entertainment, Showmax Entertainment Mobile + Premier League, and Showmax Entertainment + Premier League, its premium subscription plan. Check out their monthly pricing from the cheapest to the most expensive;

No. Showmax package Price in Kenya (2024)
1. Showmax Entertainment Mobile Ksh300 per month
2. Showmax Premier League Ksh500 per month
3. Showmax Entertainment Ksh650 per month
4. Showmax Entertainment Mobile + Premier League Ksh700 per month
5. Showmax Entertainment + Premier League Ksh1,000 per month

Does Showmax allow downloads?

Yes – To make sure you always have something to watch offline, you can download TV shows or movies on Showmax, but it is limited to 25 titles per account. However, once you delete them, you can download them again at any resolution you like.

All Showmax supported devices


* Chrome 102+ (Windows/Mac)
* Firefox 102+ (Windows/Mac)
* MS Edge 102+ (Windows/Mac)
* Safari 14+ (Mac)

Mobile devices

* iOS 14 or above
* Android 7.0 or above
* Huawei with HMS / App Gallery

TVs & streaming devices

Showmax subscription costs and devices

* Android TV
* Apple TV
* Samsung TV
* Hisense TV
* Chromecast

Set-top boxes

* Explora Ultra
* Streama


* PlayStation 4


* Xbox One
* Xbox Series X
* Xbox Series S

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