Nairobi Expressway toll rates increased by an average of 39% starting in 2024 as the first system-wide hikes after almost three years due to revenue needs to pay off the Chinese investor China Road and Bridge Corporation.

The price hikes were approved by the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Roads and Transport Kipchumba Murkomen through a review of The Public Roads Toll Act, which went into effect immediately.

The CS said that the government needed supplemental funding to clear the loans taken to construct the Nairobi Expressway because, over time, the shilling had lost significant value against the US dollar in which the loans were taken.

“The adjustment was made based on the Project Agreement taking into account the depreciation of the Kenya Shilling to the United States dollar since the time of gazettement of the Toll Rates in April 2022,” he said.

Now, commuters using the toll roads from Museum Hill, The Mall, and Westlands and leaving the Expressway at Mlolongo are charged Ksh500, up from Ksh360, and pay a similar rate when they exit through Syokimau, except those from Museum Hill.

Those entering the Nairobi Expressway through Capital Centre and Haile Selassie pay a toll of Ksh410 when they leave at Mlolongo and an additional Ksh50 from the previous Ksh120 when passing through to exit at the Southern Bypass or Museum Hill:

Nairobi Expressway toll rates – 2024

Check out all rates shown in the table below;

Entry point Exit New tolls
Mlolongo SGR Ksh250
Mlolongo Eastern Bypass Ksh250
Mlolongo Southern Bypass Ksh330
Capital Centre Mlolongo Ksh410
Haile Selassie Syokimau Ksh410
Haile Selassie JKIA Ksh330
SGR Eastern Bypass Ksh170
JKIA Eastern Bypass Ksh170
Syokimau Southern Bypass Ksh330
Museum Hill Southern Bypass Ksh250
The Mall Southern Bypass Ksh250
Museum Hill Eastern Bypass Ksh330
Mlolongo Museum Hill Ksh500
Capital Centre Westlands Ksh330
Eastern Bypass Mlolongo Ksh250
Capital Centre Haile Selassie Ksh170
Capital Centre Museum Hill Ksh170
Southern Bypass JKIA Ksh250
JKIA Haile Selassie Ksh330
JKIA Westlands Ksh410
JKIA Museum Hill Ksh330
Southern Bypass Mlolongo Ksh330
Eastern Bypass Syokimau Ksh250
SGR Capital Centre Ksh330
Eastern Bypass Westlands Ksh410
Westlands Mlolongo Ksh500
Westlands Eastern Bypass Ksh410
Capital Centre Museum Hill Ksh170
The Mall Mlolongo Ksh500
Westlands Syokimau Ksh500
Westlands Southern Bypass Ksh330
Syokimau Capital Centre Ksh330
SGR Westlands Ksh410

The above toll rates are for the standard light vehicles with two-axles or four-wheeled vehicles. Otherwise, the Nairobi Expressway maintained its formula for calculating tolls based on the vehicle’s classes, with commuters driving vehicles with two axles and a high bonnet paying 1.5x more these charges, 4x the base toll rates for those having fewer than four axles or Class 5 and 5x for Class 6 vehicles.