The Older Persons Cash Transfer (Pesa ya Wazee) was started in 2007.

All Kenyan citizens above 70 years are entitled to a monthly income of KShs 2,000. This enables them to pay for medicine, buy food and cover other necessities. This money can only be withdrawn through designated agents like Post Bank, Equity Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, and Cooperative Bank.


The funds are available as long as the person is alive. Otherwise, you cannot receive the funds if you do not claim the funds for three consecutive months if you are outside the country or are in a state institution.


Apart from being 70 years and above, other requirements are that you must be a low-income earner, be registered with your local council, and no member in your house should be receiving regular income.  Here is how to apply for the grant.


  • Visit your nearest Huduma branch or a local social development office under the ministry of labour, social security and services.
  • You will be given a form to fill out.
  • Remember to carry your ID to prove your eligibility and a bank account where the money can be transferred.
  • After the vetting period (3 months) is over, you should receive your first payment.


The funds are usually sent after every two months bringing the total to Kshs. 4,000.