The time has come for avid gamers to gather on the virtual pitch and start kicking the ball after EA Sports announced the release of its newest soccer game – EA Sports FC 24 – to mark a new post-FIFA era after the video games publisher ditched partnership with the football regulator in 2022.

It doesn’t matter. EA Sports has promised bigger and better versions of FIFA 23 under the banner EA Sports FC after inking new deals with Premier League, UEFA, and Spain’s La Liga to include their in-play tournaments.

Here is everything you need to know about EA Sports FC 24; release date, prices, consoles, cover and more:

Release date

The official release date for EA Sports FC 24 is September 29, 2023. Seven days early access is available from September 22nd for gamers who will pre-order the new game before August 22nd.

EA Sports FC 24: What consoles can I play it on?

* PlayStation 5
* PlayStation 4
* Xbox Series X
* Xbox Series S
* Xbox One
* PC
* Nintendo Switch


EA Sports FC 24: What is new in the game?

“Football is never static. It is always evolving and moving, and at EA Sports, we carry these two principles as well. We call it authenticity and innovation. With authenticity, we are going to create FC experiences that champion a new culture of play through everything that makes up the soul of football, and with innovation, we are going to take the single biggest leap in technology and immersion that interactive football has never seen,” EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson said during an official reveal live stream in Amsterdam.

EA Sports FC 24 is built with advanced HyperMotion V technology based on 11 vs. 11 Capturing and Machine Learning that has the ability to track real motion data and provide lifelike animations and sublime images for a close-to-reality gaming experience.

Further, this new football game utilizes an enhanced Frostbite Engine that renders high quantities of destructible environments for an elevated matchday experience. It also uses Play Styles that hype players’ on-pitch skills beyond capped ratings.

How much does EA Sports FC 24 cost?

For the first time in gaming history, EA Sports FC 24 allows both male and female teams to play on the same pitch and take part in common competitions. Women players also feature on the Ultimate Team.

Womens’ league on EA Sports FC 24 now totals 5, including those from FIFA 23. These are;

* Spain’s Liga F
* Germany’s Frauen-Bundesliga
* Barclays Women’s Super League
* Division 1 Arkema
* National Women’s Soccer League

How to pre-order EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is available for pre-order until August 22, 2023. Follow these steps to get your new game:

1. Visit
2. On the landing page, select your gaming platform

EA Sports FC 24: What is new in the game?
3. Choose your FC24 desired package – Ultimate Edition or Standard Edition
4. Click ‘Pre-Order’ to open a new payment window
5. Make payment for EA Sports FC 24

EA Play members are entitled to a 10% discount when they pre-order EA Sports FC 24.

How much does EA Sports FC 24 cost?

The game’s Standard Edition for PlayStation 4 and 5 is $69.99 and $99.99 for Ultimate Edition. For Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the prices are also $69.99 for Standard Edition and $99.99 for Ultimate Edition.

The cheapest place to buy EA Sports FC 24 is Nintendo Switch, selling FC 24 at $59.99 and giving out 300 Nintendo Points for purchasing other games at discounted prices.

How much will EA FC 24 cost in Kenya?

Kenyan gamers will buy the EA Sports FC 24 game at Ksh9,910 for Standard Editions on Nintendo Switch, Epic Games, Xbox Series X\S, and PlayStation platforms. Ultimate Editions will be available for Ksh14,158, with EA play subscribers getting 10% off these prices.

How much will EA Sports FC 24 cost in the rest of Africa?

Country FC 24 Standard Edition FC 24 Ultimate Edition
South Africa R1,254 R1,792
Nigeria ₦54,277 ₦77,542
Ghana GH₵795 GH₵1,136
Morroco MAD680 MAD970
Botswana P917 P1,310
Zambia ZK1,319 ZK1,885