Did you just receive a call from an unrecognized number? A mystery caller, I mean? It is a yes, of course! That is why you are here and want to find out who is behind that phone number. Well, never worry; we will show you ways to unmask the identities of unfamiliar callers in South Africa before you decide whether to ring them back, ignore or block them.

In a world filled with spam and unfamiliar calls, it is easy to fall into the hands of scammers and risk being a victim of voice phishing or vishing, whereby fraudsters tap and use your voice to authorize transactions on your prepaid or postpaid card or call the bank to get your bank details before wiping your bank accounts clean. And that is not the only risk of unknown callers.

Some criminals use new numbers to call unsuspicious victims, pretending to be customer representatives to collect their personal information, which they use for illegal activities like SIM swaps. They are very notorious. So, it is important to track and trace them to know their names before picking up their unending harassing calls.

The good thing is that today’s advanced technology has brought about several sites and applications that you can turn to for assistance and freely unearth the names of these unknown callers and their locations to reduce phone scams. Here are some;

1. Use Phone Number Track website

Phonenumbertrack.com is a phone location, phone number tracking, and international call number resolver website you can use to find out the IDs of unknown callers in South Africa for free.

With Phone Number Track, you will identify the location of anonymous cell phone numbers and the origin of the call by simply entering the country name of the unknown number as, for example, South Africa, proceeding to type the phone number into a search box available on the site and then hitting the Track button.

How to find out the name of an unknown number in South Aftica

Phone Number Track is free and easy to use, and you will get the query results in seconds. However, it gives very limited information.

2. Trace an unknown number using social media

Social media is the world’s connection getaway. Social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram enable users to connect with family, friends, and others through messaging, shared posts, and stories. Hence, many people have accounts for chatting and engaging on these social apps.

But did you know that you can actually rely on these apps, especially Facebook, to trace unknown phone numbers? All you need to do is enter the number for search, and Facebook will display the FB profiles linked to it.

From there, you can check if you are familiar with the names and posted photos to unmask the caller ID of the new number.

3. What about Truecaller?

Truecaller is a go-to app if you want to make an unknown phone number search, owing to its 100% free reverse phone lookup and sophisticated caller ID and spam detection features.

It was founded in 2009 in Sweden by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi when they were still students, and today, it boasts over 1 billion downloads on Google Play with over 368 million active users.

How to search new unknown numbers

Download the Truecaller app to search and unmask those behind the unknown numbers calling you. You can also use their desktop website to identify the spam callers for free.

However, to enjoy other offerings like viewing those who traced your own number, hiding your identity when you view other phone numbers, powerful blocking, and access to call recording tools, you can pay for the Truecaller premium plans, which start from $29.90 (R568) to $249 (R4,733) per year for Truecaller Gold.

4. Use mSpy app

mSpy is a brute force method of tracing and tracking unknown cell phone numbers using top-notch reverse lookup engines that provide not only the name of the users but also their real-time location.

In fact, mSpy is one of the apps that can secretly spy on someone, so you don’t have to look over their shoulder trying to get a glimpse of what they are doing on their phone because it is a comprehensive phone monitoring app that once you install its spyware on the other party’s phone, you get to know all they are doing while they are on their gadgets.

Phone number tracking in south africa

mSpy is among the best remote cell phone tracking apps in South Africa for monitoring your children and maybe your cheating partner, aside from using it to reveal the details of irritating unknown callers.

However, it doesn’t come cheap. You have to pay about R200 per month to enjoy its services.

5. Search the new number on Google

Unsure who called you just now? Never fret. Only copy and paste that unknown new number for a search on Google, and you will find everything it knows about that number, like fraud reports, location, and all other details publicly available on the internet, right there on your phone screen.

Google has an easy-to-use interface that is accurate, and it is convenient for searching and unmasking the identity of new callers for free.