In 2015, the Ministry of Health released a major report entitled The National Oral Health Survey, published as Kenya National Oral Health Policy 2022-2030. This report examined the status of the nation’s oral health. It was considered a public health milestone for revealing the high oral disease burden in the country and putting forward suggestions to address the challenge, defining ways of improving access to preventive services and dental care.

Good oral health, or the health of our mouth, which starts in the lips, to the teeth, and ends in the throat, is important for the overall well-being of individuals of all ages, families, and communities, but oral health problems are common.

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“In Kenya, the oral disease burden is quite high with childhood caries, adult periodontal disease, an increase in oral cancer, oro-facial trauma, and endemic dental fluorosis,” the report states, identifying periodontal (gum) diseases as the most frequent condition affecting both the adult and children population.

Further, dental fluorosis is 41.4% likely to show in children, and cavities in teeth (also known as tooth decay) are 34.3% prevalent among adults. Some of the causes of these and many other oral health problems are poor oral hygiene and consumption of refined sugar and substances like tobacco and alcohol.

Poor oral health affects our ability to eat, speak, and smile, negatively influencing our self-esteem. The report said that many oral health problems affecting Kenyans were preventable with regular oral care, but many are blocked from accessing quality dental care services because they are expensive, and the country faces a shortage of oral health workforce with a dentist-to-population ratio stuck at 3:100,000.

But don’t worry, if your tooth is paining and you are looking for dental providers in Kenya, we’ll show you the top dentists in Nairobi who are affordable and very professional;

Find the best dentists in Nairobi, Kenya

Got cavities or Need a crown? Or just Invisalign, some small straightening and whitening? Here are the top 5 dentists in Nairobi who will offer advice on how best to maintain your oral health in Kenya;

1. Yaya Dental Clinic

Budget for routine preventive care and stay on track with your oral health by booking an appointment with dentists at Yaya Dental Clinic, who take pride in their top-level dentistry, providing professional, ethical, and affordable services in their relaxed and trusting environment at Suite Number 8, in the third floor of the iconic Yaya Center in Nairobi.

They offer a range of dental treatments and restorative procedures, and you can visit them also for routine and regular checkups for caries detection, jaw Joint pathology, extra-oral assessment, and more.

Top 5 best dentists in Nairobi for braces

If you need braces, a tooth alignment, dental fillings, tooth extraction, or cleaning, dentists at Yaya Dental Clinic can also help you. The best thing is that their services are affordable.

Their consultation fee is Ksh2,000, and they accept almost all popular health insurance cards such as CIC Insurance, Old Mutual, First Assurance Kenya, KenGen, Communications Authority of Kenya, Madison, APA Insurance, NHIF, and AAR.

You can call the dentists at 020 2035183/0780934728 or email for all inquiries.

2. Astradental

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In 2011, Astradental was created by Dr. Lucy Mutara as a center of dental excellence, where only the very highest standards in modern dentistry are provided for patients within Nairobi and Kenya.

With a team of 8 expert dentists and professional care teams, including nurses, Astradental’s dentistry standards are always exemplary and further, backed by technology, a number of their treatments are delivered pain-free with the most efficiency and maximum comfort so you can take your painful tooth for deep cleaning, drilling or extraction.

Also, by visiting their dental clinic in Mpaka Plaza, along Mpaka Road, 1st Floor, Westlands in Nairobi, you can get root canal treatment, dental x-rays, and broken teeth treatment. Astradental also deals in braces and does tooth-colored fillings and can be called at 0727591579 or 0732561588 for emergency dental appointments on the same day.

Their consultation fee is Ksh2,000, and it accepts payments from insurance companies like CIC, Minet, Kenbright, NHIF, KCB Insurance, Sanlam, Sedgwick, KenGen, Kenya School of Government, Old Mutual, Madison, and Britam, among others.

3. Lake Dental Clinic

Lake Dental Clinic is one growing dental group in Kenya serving a long list of clients in Nairobi for all its dental needs from its convenient location along Ngong Road on the 3rd Floor, Suite 10 of Green House Mall.

It is the smile stories they compose and cheap but leading dental practice for better oral health that makes it one of the best dentists to visit when you have tooth complications.

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Dr. Dolphine Minai, the Resident Dentist at Lake Dental Clinic offering dental consultation to a patient.

With special interests in fixing chipped teeth, teeth cleaning, whitening, fillings, replacement, tooth Jewellery, dental extraction, and emergency dentistry, patients visiting Lake Dental Nairobi pay Ksh2,000 before having an appointment with a dentist.

Lake Dental Clinic has another branch on the 3rd Floor (Block A) of Mega Plaza in Kisumu, and the consultation fee there is Ksh1,000. You can pay for dental treatments using AAR Insurance, APA Insurance, Takaful Insurance, Kenya Alliance, Old Mutual, Heritage, Sedgwick Insurance, Sanlam, Madison, Aon Minet, NHIF (for Civil Servants), Trident Insurance, and many others.

Their contact numbers are 0745050027 for their dental clinic in Nairobi and 0746613679 for the Lakeside Dental Kisumu branch.

4. Keystone Dental Clinic

Looking after all of your dental needs is the number one priority for Keystone Dental Clinic, a clinically-led and patient-focused dental provider located on Riverside Drive in Nairobi, Kenya.

Its highly trained dental professionals, starting with the founder, Dr. Harveen Bhachu, an orthodontist, will endeavor to provide you with the best possible care to maintain good oral health when you book an appointment via a phone call at 0799089918 or email

You can check out Keystone Dental for periodontal maintenance, dental fillings, dental implants, teeth whitening, extraction, laser therapy, and gum grafting.

5. Blue Sky Dental

Blue Sky Dental is a full-service dental clinic that has been offering compassionate, caring, and patient-oriented dentistry to individuals of all ages for more than two decades.

Whether you are looking to do away with cavities, align your teeth with braces, want correct restorative dental surgeries, or just whiten your smile, if you are struggling with poor oral health, dentists at Blue Sky Dental on the 4th floor of Sarit Center in Westlands, Nairobi, will diagnose and treat your dental condition.

You can reach them at 0788770019 to know their pricing and the accepted insurance plans before walking in for a checkup or treatment.