Mara Serena Safari Lodge is a luxurious lodge in Maasai Mara, Kenya, offering breathtaking views of the wildlife-filled plains. If you’re interested in staying at this fantastic lodge, here’s how to book your stay:

  1. Visit the lodge’s website: Start by visiting the Mara Serena Safari Lodge website. You’ll find all the information about the lodge, including its amenities, services, and room types.
  2. Choose your dates: Once you’ve explored the website and decided the best time to visit Maasai Mara, choose your preferred dates for your stay at the lodge.
  3. Select your room type: Mara Serena Safari Lodge offers a range of room types, including standard rooms, suites, and family rooms. Choose the room type that best suits your needs and budget.
  4. Check availability: Before booking, check the availability of your preferred room type for your selected dates. You can do this on the website or by contacting the lodge’s reservations team.
  5. Make your reservation: Once you’ve confirmed the availability of your preferred room type, you can make your reservation. You can book directly through the website or by contacting the lodge’s reservations team by phone or email.
  6. Provide details: When making your reservation, you’ll need to provide details, including your name, contact information, and payment details. You may also need to provide your travel details if you book a transfer or other services.
  7. Confirm your booking: After providing your details and making your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation of your booking from the lodge. Review the confirmation carefully and contact the lodge if you have any questions or concerns.

Following these steps, you can easily book your stay at Mara Serena Safari Lodge and look forward to an unforgettable experience in Maasai Mara.

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