Eric Omondi, a Kenyan comedian, was reportedly arrested during a protest against the high cost of living outside the Parliament building, according to a news article by Standard Media Kenya. The protest was organized by a group of Kenyans who were expressing their dissatisfaction with the high cost of basic goods and services in the country.

Omondi was one of several individuals who participated in the protest, which called for the government to take action to address the rising cost of living. However, the demonstration reportedly turned violent, with police using tear gas to disperse the crowds and making several arrests, including Omondi.

The incident has sparked debate and controversy, with some criticizing the police for using excessive force to quell the protest and for making arrests without due cause. Others have expressed support for the police action, arguing that the protest was illegal and that participants had no right to disrupt public order and cause damage to public property.

Overall, the arrest of Eric Omondi during the cost of living protests outside Parliament has brought attention to the ongoing issue of rising living costs in Kenya and the need for the government to take action to address the concerns of its citizens in a peaceful and lawful manner.