Salaries for Early Childhood and Development Education (ECDE) teachers in Elgeyo Marakwet County will rise immediately by Ksh4,000 as part of a new contract announced by Governor Wisley Rotich.

While delivering the State of the County address at the county assembly in Iten, the Governor said the salary increases affect three job groups of the ECDE teachers, and the highest will now earn Ksh18,000 per month, up from Ksh14,000.

“To motivate our teachers, we have adjusted their salaries by Ksh4,000, ensuring that the first, second, and third cohorts earn Ksh18,000, Ksh16,000, and Ksh14,000 respectively,” Governor Rotich said.

While emphasising the importance of early childhood educators in inspiring, encouraging and promoting children’s education, care and rights, the Governor said the higher salaries would also alleviate a perennial shortage of qualified teachers.

He disclosed that the county will confirm more of them in the coming year and will pay them the new salaries as it seeks to increase their number and, later on, their salary, as well, but in stages, by the same amount.

“In the financial year 2024/2025, we will increase their take-home pay by another Ksh4,000,” he announced, urging the county assembly members to support the forthcoming bill to facilitate these changes.

Governor Rotich stated that the county had already disbursed Ksh15 million to ECDE centres in nine wards to support learning activities and facilitate school feeding programs to entice young learners while supplementing their diets.