If you are a Britam Health Insurance member and a resident of Nairobi, knowing where to go for your health needs when you fall sick will not only save you time but also money because when you visit an unapproved hospital, your insurance plan may not cover your care, so you will have to pay from your pockets in times when money is biting, and medical fees are high.

To help you avoid this blunder, this article touches on approved hospitals for Britam Health Cover policyholders where you will enjoy the health benefit programs under your plan. The good thing is that Britam, a renowned insurance issuer, has partnered with close to 100 medical providers within Kenya’s capital. Here is a list of hospitals to visit when you have a Britam health card;

List of hospitals that accept Britam Health Insurance in Nairobi (2023)

The following are network listings for Britam Health Insurance in Nairobi. It has been categorized according to its specific location for easier search and the type of offered services as either inpatient or outpatient to let you know where and when to check up with its doctors. Inpatient care means getting admitted to a hospital, while outpatient means receiving treatment and returning home – in simple terms.

Check out the hospitals;

Ngong’ Road Region

1. Equity Afya Ngong Road – Outpatient
2. Equity Afya Lavington – Outpatient
3. Maria Immaculata Hospital – Outpatient
4. Medicross Nairobi Ngong Road – outpatient
5. Melchizedek Hospital – Outpatient/Inpatient
6. Equity Afia Kawangware – Outpatient

City Centre

7. Ivory Health Solutions – Outpatient
8. Equity Afia Biashara Street – Outpatient
9. Dental Access Nairobi clinic – Dental
10. Bliss GVS Teleposta Branch – Outpatient
11. Bliss GVS Koinange Street – Outpatient


12. Juja Road Hospital – Outpatient/Inpatient
13. Radiant hospital – Outpatient

Thika Road/Kasarani

14. PSL Healthcare – Outpatient/Inpatient
15. Ruaraka Uhai Neema – Outpatient/Inpatient
16. Equity Afia – Kahawa West – Outpatient
17. St.Francis Community Hospital, Kasarani – Outpatient/Inpatient
18. St. Scholastica Uzima Hospital – Outpatient/Maternity
19. Equity Afia – Kasarani – Outpatient
20. Radiant Group of Hospitals, Kasarani – Outpatient
21. Equity Afia – Githurai – Outpatient
22. ST. John’s Hospital – Outpatient/Inpatient
23. Bliss GVS clinic – Outpatient


24. AIC KIJABE-Westlands Branch – Outpatient
25. Equity Afia Kangemi – Outpatient
26. Lions Eye Hospital – Optical only
27. Amurt Healthcare Centre – Outpatient
28. Westlands Medical Centre – Outpatient
29. St. Joseph The Worker Dispensary – Outpatient/Maternity
30. Eagle nursing home – Outpatient
31. Bliss GVS Westlands – Outpatient
32. Equity Afia Ruaka – Outpatient

Nairobi West region

33. St Mary’s Langata – Outpatient/Inpatient
34. Equity Afya Langata – Outpatient
35. Bliss GVS Nairobi West – Outpatient
36. Balozi Hospital – Outpatient/Inpatient


37. St. Odilia’s Dispensary Hospital – Outpatient


38. RFH Healthcare – Outpatient
39. Komarock Modern Healthcare – Outpatient/Inpatient
40. Equity Afia kariobangi – Outpatient
41. Equity Afia Donholm – Outpatient
42. Bliss GVS Jogoo road – Outpatient
43. Metropolitan Hospital – Inpatient
44. St Patricks, Kayole – Outpatient/Inpatient
45. Equity Afia Kayole – Outpatient
46. SOS Medical Centre – Outpatient
47. Radiant hospital – Outpatient
48. Bliss GVS Buruburu clinic – Outpatient
49. Equity Afia Buruburu – Outpatient
50. Equity Afia Imara Daima – Outpatient


51. Ruai Family H Healthcare – Outpatient
52. Komarock Modern Healthcare – Outpatient/Inpatient
53. Bliss GVS Pipeline Clinic – Outpatient
54. Bristol Park Hospital – Outpatient/Inpatient
55. Bliss Embakasi Medical Centre – Outpatient
56. Bristol Park Hospital – Outpatient/Inpatient
57. Equity Afia Embakasi – Outpatient


58. Bristol Park Hospital – Outpatient
59. Bahati Hospital Joska – Outpatient/Inpatient
60. Equity Afia Utawala – Outpatient


61. St Bridgit Health Centre – Outpatient
62. Equity Afia Eastleigh – Outpatient
63. Plaza Imaging – Radiology services

Ruai Kangundo Road

64. RFH Specialist Hospital – Outpatient/Inpatient
65. Ruia Family Hospital Healthcare – Outpatient/Inpatient
66. Megalife Hospital Ruai – Outpatient/Inpatient
67. Haven Hospital Ruai – Outpatient/Inpatient

How much does Britam Health Insurance cost in Kenya?

How much does Britam Health Insurance cost in Kenya?

Having medical insurance coverage gives you financial confidence and peace of mind as you will have more control over your healthcare, and Britam Health Insurance presents something more than that. Some of its health plans have a unique care model for preventive care and chronic disease management.

Compare the prices of Britam Health insurance. Mostly, we’ve reflected on basic plans:

Britam Health Insurance type Age limits Cost of health plans (annual premium) Overall hospital limits
Advantage Milele Health Plan  18+ with no exit age Starts from Ksh17,332 Ksh300,000 – Ksh10 million
Premier Milele Health Plan 18+ with no exit age Starts from Ksh11,099 Ksh300,000 – Ksh10 million
Essential 1 Milele Health Plan Cover 18+ with no exit age Starts from Ksh9,001 Ksh300,000 – Ksh5 million
Essential 1 Milele Health Plan Cover 18+ with no exit age Starts from Ksh8,127 Ksh300,000 – Ksh2 million
Afya Tele Medical Insurance Cover 18 – 70 Starts from Ksh5,200 Ksh200,000 – Ksh750,000
Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi 18 – 75 Starts from Ksh4,600 Ksh75,000 – Ksh500,000
Kinga Ya Mkulima 18 – 75 Ksh1,000 – Ksh10,000 30 hospitalization days per year

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